You Definitely Need These WordPress Plugins If you Want your Business Websites to Flourish

WordPress plugins

There are close to 57,000 WordPress Plugins from which one can choose several for their business websites. But this might make it a bit too complicated for newcomers to select a WordPress Plugin that will help their business websites in flourishing throughout. Needless to say, there have been several questions from users regarding WordPress plugins that serve several purposes like social media, SEO, speed, backups, etc. 

These are the few must-have WordPress Plugins that one absolutely needs to use for their business websites.

WP Forms is a WordPress Plugin

This is one such WordPress plugin that is extremely user-friendly. The truth is, every business website would need a contact form because it will enable visitors to contact you- and this plugin serves that purpose perfectly. It has an online form builder which is drag & drop- something that allows one to create email subscription forms, payment forms, and online order forms.


If you want a WordPress plugin that is perfect for Google Analytics- MonsterInsights is the plugin for you. This plugin helps you connect Google Analytics to your website- which will help people use, and find the business website that you are working on. The most important part about this plugin is that every vital stats are shown right at the dashboard of one’s WordPress. 

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is one of those WordPress plugins that serve every comprehensive solution- including the tools and features that are needed to improve one’s SEO. It is no surprise that SEO helps a website get a lot of visitors from search engines to websites. It is true that WordPress can be extremely SEO friendly- but there are a lot more that one can do when it comes to generating traffic through SEO. And this is where Yoast SEO comes into play. This plugin helps you generate sitemaps, add meta tags, and also helps in connecting your site to the Google Search Console. 

WordPress plugins
WordPress Plugins

Constant Contact

Constant Contact is a WordPress plugin that is perfect as a popular email marketing service provider. And since Email has been one of the most reliable and effective marketing tools available at one’s disposal. Emails help one stay in touch with one’s users even when they might sign out of one’s website. If you add this WordPress plugin to your business website, you would be able to use this platform for building a list of emails- while creating business newsletters that could be sent to generate subscribers. 


This WordPress plugin is relatively the most popular software used for conversion rate optimization in the market. This plugin helps one convert abandoning visitors of one’s website into potential customers and subscribers. You can use this plugin to also get more email subscribers. 

So, which of these WordPress plugins would suit your business website the most? Remember, all of them serve different purposes- some may not be as useful as others.