Your Stimulus Check And Plus Up Relief Payments Are Heading Your Way!

Tax Credit Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

There is some good news, your stimulus check and plus-up relief payments are heading your way! The 3rd series of relief payments that were approved by members of Congress are being issued. In 2021 March, Joe Biden, President of, United States Of America, signed this bill into law. Nearly 90% of all the stimulus payments have been issued already. The total cost of all these payments amounts to $400 bn. Your stimulus check is a part of this package. 

If Your Stimulus Check Amount Is Incomplete, You Are Eligible For A Plus-Up Payment!

According to the announcement of the IRS on Wednesday, around 2.2M additional stimulus payments have already been issued during July and June. Out of these stimulus payments, around 1.3M payments were targeted at recipients who are receiving their checks for the very first time. These are the Americans, who have not got their information on the file of the IRS.

These are the Americans who never received a stimulus check before filing their tax returns for 2020. The rest of the 900,000 recipients got “plus-up” stimulus checks. These checks are issued only to those Americans who have only received incomplete and partial stimulus relief. 

If you have not received your full amount in your stimulus payment, you are eligible for a plus-up relief payment. These plus-up relief checks were issued because many people in America filed their tax returns for 2020 after the stimulus checks were distributed in March 2021. Therefore, if the income of a family has dropped they are eligible for a bigger payment. But the IRS didn’t issue it to them because they didn’t have their tax returns of 2020 processed. If you still haven’t filed your tax returns, you would be getting an incomplete amount in your stimulus check!