YouTube Is Testing The New Logo For Shorts, Offers Tips on How to Get Videos Displayed in Shorts Feed

YouTube Shorts

YouTube is testing the new restoration of Shorts, the TikTok-ish short video clips in feeds, with a new icon for the feature currently being in test in the Android version of the application.

YouTube Shorts icon
YouTube Is Testing The New Logo For Shorts, Offers Tips on How to Get Videos Displayed in Shorts Feed 3

You can see below the main YouTube logo, the new icon for Shorts with the categories listing for Shorts videos.

The icon was seen by Android researchers that it’s in testing, and it was shared by Matt Navarra and may point to the next level of the feature, that could also be part of an extended-release of YouTube’s short video clips feed.

Late last month, YouTube has officially declared the release of Shorts in India, the place that was looking to have an alternative to TikTok after its removal due to inappropriate content.

YouTube Shorts
YouTube Is Testing The New Logo For Shorts, Offers Tips on How to Get Videos Displayed in Shorts Feed 4

As you can see above, this is where the option is available, Shorts videos are made featured on the main page of the YouTube application, by what YouTube naming the “Short Shelf”, a scrolling display on the side of clips in the key feed. Also, Indian creators have access to the Shorts Camera by the icon ‘+’ on the bottom of the bar, this includes more quick editing features such as timers, speed controls, and adding musing to clips options.

However, even if you are not in India, and you can not access the dedicated Shorts Camera feature, you can have your content displayed in the Shorts row in the application though. Also, YouTube is testing a new section in other countries that will outline the videos made from the Shorts Camera, and also any vertical video more than 1 minute that has been uploaded to YouTube.

As explained by YouTube

“You can still make your video eligible for the Shorts shelf and feed, all you need to do is make sure that it’s 60 seconds or under, and shot in the vertical format.”

Also, the Creator Insider channel of YouTube has offered some extra guides on how YouTubers may increase their Shorts and help maximize the exposure of their videos.

  • Add #Shorts hashtag in the title of the video clip to increase your opportunity of showing on the Shorts Shelf.
  • YouTubers have to keep their videos highly accessible and visual as people who watch them may not be subscribers of the channel. YouTubers have to also evade using insides jokes and they have to stop wasting their time searching for a joke or a meme to the title, though they have to keep it short and sweet.
  • Also, YouTube noted that Shorts will also be accessible as standard videos on YouTube too. So, YouTubers need to think if the content suits their normal programming schedule, and where it may fit in your channel content.

There is no word so far when YouTube will plan to start Shorts in all countries, yet considering the current development, you may expect to see it coming in the near future. I expect that it will happen before Christmas to increase the use of Shorts in holiday time.

Though it was a valuable tool for you, it will come down to how you utilize it largely, yet with potential for displaying on the mail page, it might be worth considering within your YouTube approach.

Currently, it looks as although you will need 10.000 subscribers to get access to the Camera of Shorts video clips. When it becomes available, while YouTube states that it is looking at the bigger roll out in the next few months.