TikTok Starts New Notification System to Help Creators Know The Video Removals


After just a short period of time, it has existed, TikTok has witnessed great scan on its moderation procedures. Also, how it’s going about the protection of users’ data by censoring specific content. Considering the younger skew of the audience of TikTok, this is a serious element, and TikTok has already forced bans in some countries on what it allows or has allowed before on the platform.

However, at the same time, when TikTok takes action on a video, a lot have been disappointed at the lack of transparency or explanation in the process. And now, the platform is applying stronger rules in some countries, these enforcements will just maximize. That’s why, today, TikTok has declared a new procedure that will outline the particular rule that a deleted video has violated, to assist users to understand why the video has been deleted.

As explained by TikTok:

“For the past few months, we’ve been experimenting with a new notification system to bring creators more clarity around content removals. Our goals are to enhance the transparency and education around our Community Guidelines to reduce misunderstandings about content on our platform, and the results have been promising.”

TikTok stated that its updated notification, in testing has decreased the rate of violations, while visits to the community guidelines have almost tripled.

“We’ve also seen a 14% reduction in requests from users to appeal a video’s removal. We believe this helps foster a greater understanding of the kind of positive content and welcoming behavior that makes our community thrive.”

Based on the primary findings, TikTok is currently releasing its new notification to all locations. Presently, when a video is deleted for violating the policy of the platform, the creator will get a certain clarification of why the video is inappropriate with a simple option to appeal the removal.

TikTok rule violation

As you can see in the image above, the new alert gives a certain rule reference to grant extra explanation. Users may tap on the option named ‘Submit an Appeal’ at the bottom of the screen to challenge the ruling.

In addition to this, when the content is flagged as suicide related or self-harm, TikTok will also give access to expert resources in a second notification now.

TikTok rule violation

As stated above, maybe more than other platforms, TikTok pressed to ease the concerns of the content to protect young users and evade potentially harmful content exposure. That is pressing TikTok to mistake more on the side of warning in its procedures, which will see more videos deleted that might should not have been.

Considering this, the update is great means to address these concerns and make sure that users know well the rules of the platform to avoid crossing lines wile giving a way of recourses if needed as well.