YouTuber Baits Dillon Danis Into Promoting Fake NFT On Twitter

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The NFT boom over the last year has been quite unprecedented, with several A-list celebrities expediting the process. But this has also resulted in several unvetted projects being promoted to the fans, without any verifiable authenticity regarding it. As it turns out, the practice has retained its popularity in 2023 with the markets recovering from the previous crypto crash.

Recently, an MMA Fighter Dillon Danis, came out with a digital image and a website URL, which- according to YouTuber Coffeezilla, literally spelled out SCAM. This promoted a further investigation, which showed that the website was created on the 1st of February, 2023. This is quite an important clue if one wants to check the authenticity of new projects in the NFT sphere. 

YouTuber Coffeezilla Talks About Baiting Dillon Danis Into NFT Scam

Moreover, the website that the YouTuber had created had an FAQ section that stated that no investors were able to get a hold of the Sourz NFTs- a crucial piece of information that had been overlooked by this MMA fighter. This incident would remind one of Kim Kardashian’s faux pas when she was flagged back in the June of 2021 by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission when she had been promoting EthereumMax crypto token to her 330 million Instagram followers.

The SEC noted that the fashionista had completely violated the provision of anti-touting of the Securities Act by failing to disclose the sum of $250,000 that she had previously received for this promotion. 

The YouTuber went on to note that the users who had fallen for this scam project had been notified immediately about it. When users would be clicking on the Mint Sourz button, they would then redirected to the website which would caution people about a possible scam that could have taken place. This is a strong reminder for investors and influencers to do their own research before promoting an NFT to the masses.