Yuga Labs Has Decided To Settle A Lawsuit With BAYC Copycat Developer

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On the 6th of February, Yuga Labs decided to settle their lawsuit with Thomas Lehman, who is the developer of the website that had been selling misleading BAYC NFTs from Ryder Ripps- the original creator.

The firm behind this collection had sued the copycat artist in January- for his firm involvement with and technical support of the collection of these NFTs. According to the lawsuit, Lehman had been assisting Ripps, as well as Jeremy Cahen in order to create and promote the Nonfungible tokens on social media. It was also stated that this was a very deliberate effort in order to harm the original company at the expense of its consumers.

Yuga Labs And Lehman Have Reached A Settlement 

In the ensuing settlement, Yuga Labs and Lehman went on to agree on a permanent injunction that barred Lehman from utilizing any confusingly similar image of BAYC or operating any of the other social media accounts that had any association with this company.

In the statement, Lehman stated that there was never an intention of harming the brand of Yuga Labs, and he was completely rejecting any and all disparaging comments that had been made about the NFT company and the founders. Furthermore, he was hugely appreciative of the many positive contributions that had been made to the NFT space.

A Yuga Labs spokesperson further mentioned that the firm had been pleased with Lehman acknowledging his role in the assistance of the former cohorts, Jeremy Cohen and Ryder Ripps, in order to infringe on the trademarks of this company in marketing, developing, and then selling the counterfeit NFTs. However, it must be noted that separate cases have been levied against Ripps for using imagery that belongs to the BAYC collection.