Zoe Kravitz Removed All Her Tattoos After Turning 30

Zoe Kravitz

Zoe Kravitz, the celebrated actor of Batman, has spoken up about her decision to remove most of the tattoos from her body.

In the latest issue of GQ, the cover story involved the daughter of Lenny Kravitz revealing that she had decided to rethink several decisions that she had taken earlier, after turning 30. And one of the decisions that she reconsidered was the ink collection that was featured on her body. The star of High Fidelity– currently 33 years old- stated that she had grown to be quite insecure after being under the spotlight for years. Her age has also made her think about her tattoos differently. Speaking to GQ, she said that she didn’t need the ink on her body. 

Zoe Kravitz Speaks About The Marvels of Growing Up

Zoe Kravitz also informed GQ that she was done romanticizing her age, stating that initially, there was something absolutely exciting and romantic about the little things in life- like being an adult. Kravitz seems to be at peace with the fact that she stays at home and is able to cook now. She further added that when people do this for a few years, they realize that a lot of life was still left to be lived. And it was during this period that people really learned who they were and what they wanted to take from life itself.

Zoe Kravitz had similar sentiments about removing all of her tattoos in an interview with InStyle in the August of 2021. At that time, the star of The Batman stated that she believed tattoos were a beautiful form of expression- just like jewelry or makeup. There were a few tattoos that she loved- but she got them removed.