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Saturday, November 28, 2020

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More funky frunk problems.

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Andrew Krok/Roadshow

Another 7,071 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray vehicles are the subject of a fresh recall surrounding the mid-engine sports car’s front hood, otherwise called the frunk. In documents published with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration last week, General Motors said the few thousand 2020 Corvettes with outdated computer software will allow owners to drive the car with the frunk partially open.

GM alluded to this problem in a previous recall surrounding the capability for the frunk to trap a person inside. However, the matter only extended to 5,141 cars. The additional 7,071 Corvettes recalled will need a particular software fix to ensure drivers cannot operate the automobile at high speeds with the frunk partially open. If it will pop open at high speeds, the frunk can obstruct the driver’s view and raise the risk of an accident.

Right now, if owners ignore visual and audible alerts that the frunk is not totally closed, the component reaches risk of flying up while driving. I’m not sure why you’d ignore those warnings, but it appears some owners have. GM said it is not aware of any crashes, but a handful of complaints surrounding the recall.

With the updated software, owners will be restricted to driving at increases to 26 mph. Currently, the software will let drivers go 82 mph with the frunk not closed all the way. Just like the previous recall, GM will offer the perfect solution is via an over-the-air update. Otherwise owners will need to bring their 2020 Corvette to a dealer for the new computer software. The automaker expects the recall to begin Oct. 3 with mailed notices heading out shortly thereafter.

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