7 LinkedIn Marketing Strategies To Grow Your Business In 2020


LinkedIn marketing is in right now. According to recent algorithms LinkedIn is currently going through a boost moment like Facebook in 2012. So, if you’re a business professional and you want to grow organically, LinkedIn is the place for you to put your content in. And if you’re already on the platform then you need to know how to use it to its full potential.

In this article we’re going to provide you with 7 amazing LinkedIn marketing tips that’ll tell you how to use LinkedIn for business marketing.

Here’s Why You Should Say Yes To LinkedIn Marketing

This must be the first thing that popped up in your mind: why use LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is an amazing tool, as you must be aware of. If you’re in the corporate world, you’re on LinkedIn. But it’s not only a platform to find new jobs. If you’re involved in a business, and you want to grow organically but you have zero followers on LinkedIn, it’s still a great platform to generate leads and customers as the organic reach and consumption is remarkably high.

You might be used to Facebook or Instagram or YouTube but LinkedIn marketing in 2020 can get you some real results. Moreover, where else will you get 660 million users registered profiles and little competition to make your way through? LinkedIn is giving a ton of reach to marketers right now. The opportunity is here for marketers to grab it as these algorithms constantly keep changing. You’ll also be interested to know that LinkedIn algorithm has a much slower decay than other networks. So, it’s possible that you post something on LinkedIn and it can still be sitting on other people’s top feed for days on end, depending on your engagement. So, the crucial factor is to know how to increase your engagement to boost your LinkedIn marketing.

Benefits Of LinkedIn Marketing

Now, let’s glance through the benefits of LinkedIn marketing to have a better understanding.

· LinkedIn has been beneficial for over 45% of marketers in terms of customer acquisition.

· This platform generates leads which are approximately 277% more effective than other platforms like Facebook.

· LinkedIn marketing is best for B2B marketers as it accounts for over 80% of B2B leads.

· Moreover, over 50% of the social traffic that comes to B2B sites is through LinkedIn.

· If you’re marketing for professionally relevant content, LinkedIn is the place to be as over 91% of executives choose LinkedIn.

The next section is a LinkedIn marketing guide which you can use to optimize your existing strategy.

LinkedIn Marketing Guide

Now that you know why LinkedIn marketing is good for you, you need to focus on how to market on this platform. Here are 7 steps for you to follow. You can choose to start from scratch or even use these tips to enhance your campaign strategy.

Let’s begin.

Optimize You Profile

This might seem to be a basic step when actually this is the step that you tend to overlook. But if you avoid this step there are a few things you can miss out on. If you want to make your profile noticeable among the tons of profiles of LinkedIn, you have to start with your profile.

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You can straight-away dig into advanced LinkedIn marketing solutions but first make certain improvements in your profile so as to have a proper backup when your profile visits start increasing. If all your effort goes into getting leads and attracting customers and views to your profile, you have to make sure you have a nice profile to impress them on spot.

If you’re starting from scratch, this is all the more useful.

·      You can start by adding a high-quality and relevant profile picture which gives out your niche. You can also add something that’s relevant to your brand. Remember, studies show that a profile with a photo has 21 times more visits.

·      Add the current position you’re engaged in. This can help you receive 5 times more requests for connection.

·      And add at least 5 relevant skills in your profile. Studies show that you’re likely to get 31 times more messages on LinkedIn if you fulfil this criterion.

·      Choose a logo and a relevant cover photo. This gives your profile a necessary boost apart from your tagline.

Publish Content That Adds Value

LinkedIn is not where you put salesy promotional content. It’s more about getting through to your customers by posting valuable content. You can also use informational content if you’re trying to grow on LinkedIn. Being a platform big for B2B marketers, statistics show that 88% of B2B marketers who put informational content make up the top tier of content marketing.

This is not to say that you can only put serious content on LinkedIn. You can post varied content but just make sure that it fulfils a purpose. Be sure it ticks few of these boxes: educational, informative, inspiring, a guide, entertaining. This will enhance your audience engagement rate and help spread your content quicker.

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7 LinkedIn Marketing Strategies To Grow Your Business In 2020 7

But it’s not important to post original content all the time. You can share reliable and educational third-party content. This will eventually make you the go-to person for valuable content.

Involve Your Employees

It’s all about connections. So, if you have an international employee circle, then use them to your advantage.

You can ask your employees to add the name of your company to their profiles. This will make them automatic followers. Plus, this way your employees will be able to actively engage with your profile updates and share them with their LinkedIn connections. So, your reach widens.

You can also ask your employees to participate in LinkedIn groups relevant to your interest. This increases your engagement. You can, step-by-step, build an employee advocacy initiative to flex their network and expertise and expand your market.

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Send Out Personalized InMail

This feature is available to premium account holders. But this is a great LinkedIn marketing strategy. It’s more personal in its approach and with this you can take your employee involvement strategy to a whole new level. So, what is an InMail? With this tool, you can know about the areas of expertise of different individuals working in your organization.

You will have the opportunity to deliver a personalized InMail to sales representatives or influential personalities. Studies show that if you send an InMail, you are likely to get 3 times more responses than if you send regular emails.

This is also a great place where you can add promotional content regarding your product. Since it’s personal, your audience is more likely to engage in these more. You can reach influential members and connect with them using InMail. You also get an insight into LinkedIn analytics using the InMail tool.

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Use The Matched Audiences Feature To Run Ads

This is an excellent LinkedIn marketing strategy. Using the Matched Audiences feature, you can target the audience who has recently viewed your profile or website and also your existing connections when you’re running ads. Since these are the people who have interest in your brand or have similar interests, you can easily work on them to convert them from leads to customers.

Create Great Impact Using Rich Media

Don’t let your traditional idea of LinkedIn restrict you. Remember that you can post varied content. You don’t need to put up texts-only content. So, reimagine LinkedIn. Ask yourself, what are online clients most attracted to? We had talked about valuable content before. Surely a quality content has to be valuable, unique or informative but another ingredient is equally important. And that is visually appealing content.

You can make yourself noticeable to your target audience by putting up custom images, videos and so on. You can also add memes and illustrations to explain your content better. Your engagement rate will boost up to 25% with this LinkedIn strategy.

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7 LinkedIn Marketing Strategies To Grow Your Business In 2020 10

Use LinkedIn Analytics Data To Boost Your Efforts

Before jumping into this, you need some LinkedIn marketing training as well. This platform, like all others, is about the right push. You have to target the right audience before you can hope to rev up your brand. All the above tips can work best if they’re applied in conjugation with you pushing for the right audience. Otherwise, you’ll be blindly posting content with any viable results for the same. If this is the case, some good-old LinkedIn Analytics can help you improve.

The analytics data provides you with an in-depth report of your profile health and how your content on this platform is performing. If you hope to improve, then you need to keep a tab on your LinkedIn Analytics regularly. You can analyse the engagement rate, growth and audience demographics from this data for future posts on LinkedIn.

So, if you have the correct LinkedIn marketing strategy, you’ll find this to be a powerful marketing platform, especially now. Check out these tips to grow better on LinkedIn.