2023 Stimulus Checks: Keep Updates If You Are A Resident Of These States

stimulus checks
Tax Refund

For the majority of Americans, the federal stimulus payments made during the pandemic have become a forgotten memory. However, stimulus checks are being made at this level for anything from excess tax refunds to disaster relief.

States Giving Out Stimulus Checks Post The Pandemic Era


Residents who have submitted tax rebates by 15th October 2021, and resided full-time in California in 2020 for at least six months, are eligible for California stimulus payments ranging from $200 to $1,050. 


As per the Georgia Department of Revenue, if you satisfied the following requirements, you may be qualified for last year’s Excess Tax Refund: Submitted your Tax Return of individual income before the due date of 18th April 2023.


Winter Energy Stimulus Checks of above $450 for singles and about $900 for couples are available to citizens of Maine. All checks were anticipated to be sent by 31st March 2023, according to a statement from the office of Maine Governor Janet Mills. 

New Jersey

Under the ANCHOR Tax Relief Program, about 2 million New Jersey homeowners were eligible for property tax rebates. No, later than May 2023, payments of up to $1,500 were supposed to be made. 

New Mexico

Throughout the summer of 2022, New Mexico distributed two waves of relief refunds to all taxpayers. Depending upon your filing status, the first round of payments had a range of about $250-$500.

New York

As part of a statewide stimulus checks scheme, NYC homeowners are eligible for property tax rebates of up to $1,050, while households in NYC receive an average of $425.


The Property Tax/Rent Rebate program in Pennsylvania provided payments of $250 to $650 to persons over the age of 65, widows at least 50 years old, or people with disabilities who were at least 18 years old last year.