In A Viral Video, Taylor Swift Protected A Fan From Harsh Security Amid Performance

Taylor Swift

The pop artist attempts to address a problem off the stage during her Bad Blood performance in Philadelphia, as captured in a fan-shot video. On Saturday night, there seemed to be certain issues during Taylor Swift’s ongoing Tour where the pop diva attempted to fix them.

Fans claim that Taylor Swift, 33, called out security in a video shot at Philadelphia on the other night of the show for the way they treated a concertgoer amid her “Bad Blood” performance. During the chorus of the song, Swift said, “She’s fine,” while gesturing away from the stage. She was not acting in any way. Hey, halt! Stop.”

Security Hazards At Taylor Swift Concert: Artist Protects Fan From Security

In the video, Taylor Swift can be seen gesturing to security to appear to halt what they’re doing while she constantly points offstage and waits for the situation to quiet down. A fan who had been present claimed online that although it’s difficult to determine from the video what specifically prompted the disruption, it happened because security continued to put their hand on the fans, trying to push them off the barricades physically instead of simply asking them to do so.

The person claimed that security was “extremely aggressive” against people who were observing the performance from behind the venue’s boundaries but who were neither throwing objects on the stage nor shouting aggressively.

On Sunday, Caitlin Gabell, a TikTok user, posted a video that has since gone viral in which she identified herself as “the girl that Taylor Swift talked to last night.” According to her version, a guard was “attacking” her friends and was always around them screaming when they were having fun. She said that Taylor Swift noticed that she was enjoying herself when the security attacked her, which she did not appreciate and asked him to stop. The guard she was had been dragged out while they received free passes for another night.