Billie Lourd Pays Tribute To Carrie Fisher, Her Mother In An Emotional Mother’s Day Update

Billie Lourd

The actress wrote of her legendary mother saying that even though she has been a mother for almost three years and has two kids of her own, her mother is the first thought that comes to her mind every Mother’s Day. 

On Sunday, Billie Lourd took a bit of time to consider Mother’s Day from the perspectives of both a daughter and a mother. Billie Lourd shared a photo of herself with her mother, the famous Carrie Fisher, with a long comment on Instagram, reflecting on the trajectory of mothers and daughters.

Billie Lourd Reflects On Being A Mother And A Daughter On Mother’s Day

Billie Lourd said on the post that although she has now been a mother of two for above three years, it is Carrie Fisher, her mother who she thinks of every Mother’s Day even though she passed away nearly six years ago. She further added that every time she wakes up on this particular day, it seems to her as if it belonged to her mother and not her but the feeling sets in as it passes. She also said that nothing made her happier than having her mother around and although she was a mother now, Mother’s Day to her would always belong to her mother.

Billie Lourd also opened up about feeling quite melancholy and nostalgic on the day because of the same reason. She often feels lonely, angry, and alienated on the day, she continued, since the day always reminded her of her mother who passed away so many years ago and continues to remain a sorrowful memory of hers. She concluded her post by sending love to all the mothers out there and all the daughters who miss theirs.

Billie Lourd participated in the ceremony earlier this month where her mother was finally honored on the Walk of Fame.