At concerts, Matty Healy And Taylor Swift Seem To Be Speaking In Code To One Another

Taylor Swift

During recent performances, Taylor Swift along with her reputed lover Matty Healy have been seen mouthing what appeared to be private messages to one another.

In the concert, the singer of “Bad Blood” mumbled to the camera that it (the message) was about ‘you’ and ‘you’ knew who that was, during her stop in Nashville, for her Eras Tour on Friday. Her followers captured the enigmatic moment on camera and swiftly deciphered that the leader of 1975 had mumbled those same sentences during his 3rd May Philippines concert.

“Sparks Fly” As Fans Attempt To Decode The Encrypted Communication Of Taylor Swift And Matty Healy

Healy was present for Swift’s performance that evening as well, watching from the VIP area as the “Mastermind” set the stage on fire in a packed stadium.

Days after news reports claimed that the duo had begun dating, Healy even made a supportive step. Despite barely dating for a little over two months, sources told the magazine that the couple was deeply in love.

The insider claimed it was still very early, but it felt right. The couple had a short relationship initially, nearly a decade ago but it perhaps wasn’t the correct time. 34-year-old Healy and the 33-year-old Taylor Swift were originally associated when he appeared on stage with his band wearing a T-shirt with an art of “1998”, her album. The incident took place in 2014. A few days later, Taylor had been to a 1975 show in LA with a group of pals, which included Elle Goulding and Selena. According to the insider, their romance back then ended because of the wrong timing. Taylor Swift rekindled romance with Healy after the end of her relationship with Joe Alwyn.

After six years of dating, the couple broke up in February this year, although a source informed that it ended amicably.