Dolly Parton and Olivia Newton-John Duet On The Song “Jolene” As Their Last Recording: “I Cherished Each Moment”

Olivia Newton-John

Before she passed away in August, beloved vocalist and Grease actor Olivia Newton-John has a present for her followers.

A collection of the singer’s unheard songs was released on Friday. Her ultimate recording, a performance with Dolly on her classic song “Jolene,” is included on the 17-track album along with many other songs.

Dolly Parton On Her Years Of Friendship With Olivia Newton-John

Dolly Parton who is 77 years old, opened up in an interview that one of her most significant memories of Olivia she had, was her music. Adding that she enjoyed every moment she had spent with her, whether backstage or in performances, or on any other occasion. She further added that Olivia Newton-John will continue to remain for her an inspiration because of her unfaltering grit, enthusiasm, kindness, and determination. As the interview progresses, Parton continued that singing ‘Jolene’ with her was her final memory of her. She also said that no one would ever be able to fill the void Olivia left. In footage taken during the session of recording, Parton expresses that Olivia Newton-John has been her all-time favorite as she was the artist she was very excited to collab with.

The country singer continued that they had continued to remain friends throughout and was thrilled to be participating in the duet endeavor that Olivia Newton-John was undertaking. Later, in a brief studio video of Olivia, she says she was equally excited since she had always desired to collaborate with Dolly Parton.

In addition to working with the singer of “Seasons,” Olivia also recorded duets with several well-recognized musicians, including John Travolta, David Foster, and even Mariah Carey. 

Olivia passed away at 73 years of age after a long battle of thirty years with breast cancer.