2023 Tax Deadlines Are Almost Here

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The tax season is now well underway, so if you have not started on your 2022 tax return yet, this is a wonderful time to get started.

The important Tax Deadline dates you need to be aware of are listed below but keep in mind that filing early is strongly advised because there are several benefits to doing so. The federal tax deadline for income generated in 2022 is this year on Tuesday, April 18. This implies that you have until that date to file your return and make any necessary tax payments. Normally, April 15 is tax day, but this year it occurs on a weekend.

The Tax Deadline Is April 18

The formal tax deadline has been postponed to the next day, April 18, due to Emancipation Day in Washington, D.C., which falls on April 17. However, certain people, especially those impacted by the extreme storms in most of California in addition to certain areas of Alabama and Georgia, have a little more time to submit their federal returns.

Taxpayers in these catastrophe zones now have until October 16 to file their returns. Check the IRS website’s Tax Relief in Disaster Circumstances page for further information and to see whether your county is one of these recognized locations. State income taxes are often payable on the same day as federal taxes in most jurisdictions. But, several states provide electronic filers a few more days as an exemption.

Here are a few illustrations.

May 2, Delaware

Honolulu: April 20

May 1 in Iowa

Louisiana: 15 May

United States: April 30 (for electronic filers)

Texas: April 20 (for electronic filers)

May 1 in Virginia

For the most recent information, make sure to contact the department of revenue in your state. Furthermore keep in mind that even though not all states impose an income tax, you can still owe your state and local governments money for other taxes like property taxes or company taxes.