Bam Margera’s Violent Outbursts Puts Him In Jail Again

bam margera

A recently leaked video showed another violent outburst of Bam Margera in front of a Thai restaurant. He was there having dinner with his ex-wife and son. The excess level of alcohol consumption led him to do things Publicly. He was verbally abusive towards his ex-wife, the witness says.No  one knows what happen between them. But the passers said it was about his son.

Bam Margera Might Be Losing His Custody

Bam Margera and his wife Nikki Boyd separated officially last month. The divorce went through in January. He has been verbally and physically abusive toward her. There was a time when she was scared for her son and herself. While they were in a restaurant the argument got heated and Bam Margera started abusive slurs.

The other people believe what they have heard is his son has an opinion and they should prefer that. After splitting from Nikki Boyd, she applied for full custody of their son Phoenix. Bam Margera probably did not like it. However, Nikki said in court he never acted properly in front of his child. Boyd’s lawyer believed she had to make the hard choice rather than the only option. To protect her child.

Margera has been in and out of rehab for alcohol addiction. He has been arrested before. This time for a misdemeanor in public intoxication. His girlfriend filed charges against him because he kicked her earlier this month. Bam Margera has no shame whatsoever. Even after everything he loves his son, and is scared to lose him.