Christina Aguilera Removing The Taboo Concept 

Christina Aguilera

Talking about physical intimacy with kids and in front of the kids has always been a taboo concept. Every home maintains its proper place and time. Christina Aguilera started to give her kids ‘the talk’ at a pretty young age. She how sexual wellness is important and matters she teaches them now. It was always her priority and kept ahead of everything. That is what she is teaching her kids.

Christina Aguilera Does The ‘Shameless’ Talk

She is 42 years old and has a son who is 15 years old from a previous marriage. A daughter who is 8 years old with her fiance. Christina Aguilera is ahead of all the mothers perhaps. She is making a space for her daughter where she can freely talk about anything.

Where her daughter could be able to share her emotions and feel empowered to know she has her mother by her side. Christian Aguilera simplified the matter of sex to her daughter. Also taught her this is nothing shameful or to be scared of.

Women should not be ashamed to talk about this. In some cultures this is an evil topic to discuss, but certainly not in Christina Aguilera’s home. She taught this to her son as well. She feel she needed to be honest with her kids. Where they could understand the whole matter on their own. Most of them learn about this in school. They do things out of impulse which leads to teenage pregnancy. The kids need to be made aware of this.

Christina Aguilera taught her daughter about mensuration, where women bleed every month. This is nothing nasty or disgusting, this womanhood should be celebrated. She further focuses on how all women should feel comfortable talking about everything regarding their bodies.