Christina Applegate Has Embraced Her Weight Gain

christina applegate

Christina Applegate has revealed that she gained around 40 pounds ever since it was revealed that she had multiple sclerosis. The 50-year-old actress says she now fights to cope without the provision of her cane. Applegate shared that she had MS back in mid-2021. She revealed the tribulations she has faced since including filming for the Dead to Me final season on Netflix.

In an interview, Christina Applegate shared that this would be the first instance that people would get to see her in her present situation. She said she gained weight rapidly and cannot do without her cane. She said that she wants people to realize that she is aware of her situation.

Christina Applegate was first identified with Multiple Sclerosis while she was in a production of the ultimate season of her show. she had to take a 5-month hiatus from her shooting schedule to start her treatment. MS eats away at the immune system of the body, especially at the shielding nerve covering. It also interrupts the information flow between the body and the brain.

Christina Applegate Says She Overcame The Urge To Give Up Despite The Pain

Christina Applegate revealed on social media that she had an important ‘ceremony’ before her. She revealed that it would be her first time out in public since she was diagnosed with MS. She revealed that the cane was now a very much part of her daily routine and life. She inserted a picture of several canes and said that her fans should stay tuned to be aware of which one of those would be part of her outfit for the week.

The star of Anchorman said that she was forced to almost concede and give up on her commitment to her shooting. Christina Applegate was on the verge of agreeing to put together a limited number of episodes from previous footage. But she revealed that she held on and took a well-earned break. The support of those close to her helped her immensely, she said.