5 TikTok Marketing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them 

TikTok marketing mistakes 
TikTok marketing mistakes 

Love it or hate it, TikTok is the newest face of marketing. The most popular TikTokers earned over $20 million in 2020. That makes it a little more tempting to do those silly dances and goofy pranks, doesn’t it? 

It takes a marketing genius to garner that kind of attention. Because of that, there are far fewer successes in the industry than there are failures. These are the five TikTok marketing mistakes that you have to avoid. 

  1. Don’t Get Caught Recycling

This should be Rule One in marketing. Don’t be unoriginal. 

Your followers don’t take kindly to consuming the same piece of content twice. Reusing last week’s material will get you booed off of the stage. 

It’s okay to recycle trends, to an extent. But you should add your variable twist to the content. If you’re making carbon copies, don’t bother posting. 

  1. This Isn’t a Commercial Break, Old Man

These newer generations are getting wise to promotional material. The more they see it, the less they’ll enjoy whatever you’re selling. 

Of course, you should market your product or brand. But younger viewers don’t want to know they’re watching advertisements, so don’t make it obvious. 

Avoid shoving promotional content down your followers’ throats. It’s good money, but it’ll erode your following fast. 

  1. Hit the Bullseye On the Wrong Target

Don’t market to the wrong audience. This is a cardinal sin in marketing. It’s wasted money and time for all parties involved. 

Most platforms will have an analytics tool. It’s the best way to judge who’s consuming your content and what interests them. Knowing your audience is the biggest part of the battle. 

At the very least, figure out which age group is watching your TikToks. Age is the biggest discriminator for hitting the right target audience. 

  1. Boring Material

Capturing an audience is harder than ever nowadays. Attention spans are fleeting, and they’re getting smaller with each new group. Avoid boring material at all costs. 

If you’re going to market to this demographic, you’ll need to disguise it with clever content. Really lather the lipstick onto this pig. 

As discussed earlier, the younger audience doesn’t want to know you’re marketing to them. They’re on TikTok to flip through engaging content. The second that you break that pact, they’ll drop you like a lead balloon. 

You’re going to have to buy TikTok fans after this happens. 

  1. Sharing Is Caring: Lacking User Submissions

People want engagement. TikTok fans want to be a part of something that they love. If you’ve got loyal fans, you should make them feel like family. 

The best way to do this is through user-submitted content. Share some of the stuff that your fans send you. Drumming up an active engagement is essential in successful marketing. 

Avoiding All TikTok Marketing Mistakes 

TikTok is the newest hub for advertising and marketing. Viewers are consuming millions of hours of content on the platform each passing hour. Making TikTok marketing mistakes will cost you. 

You should avoid recycling content, heavy promotional material, and boring videos. Don’t target the wrong audience, it’s wasted potential. And don’t forget to include your fans in the content. 

Avoid these marketing faux pas, and you’ll be a huge success. Check out our other articles on marketing your brand on social media.