A Major Leak May Have Revealed the iPhone 12 Price Just Before the Big Release

iPhone 12 price

The official event has been scheduled for next Tuesday, but the authorities have been rightly worried about possible leaks that might come out before the release. And their worries have been proven correct. Several leaks have already come out– including the name ‘iPhone 12’, and the iPhone 12 price. Kang- a leaker posted on Weibo (a Chinese social media site) that there would be four different models of iPhones- all ranging from a price of $699 to $1099. 

The Leaks About the iPhone 12 Price

The iPhone 12 price also includes an iPhone 12 Mini which consists of a 5.4-inch display. This model begins at around $699 and should be set for preorder from the 6th of November, with a retail option from the 13th of November. The iPhone 12 will have a 6.1-inch display and come at a price of 9 and should be on preorder from the 16th of October, and a retail release on the 23rd of October. Both these cellphone models come with an option for storage which ranges from 64GB to 256GB. 

The models on the higher-end include the iPhone 12 Pro, which comes with a 6.1-inch, with the iPhone 12 price set at $999. This model also includes a telephoto lens that comes with optical zoom upto 4X. The model will also come with a lidar sensor that would track the depth. The preorder for this model will start on the 16th of October, with its official release on the 23rd of October. The iPhone 12 Pro Max will start its pricing at $1,099 at a 6.7-inch display. The telephoto lens will also be present, but with a 5X optical zoom. Both the cellphones would have options for the 128 GB or the 512 GB one. 

The Leaks Also Provided Information About the HomePod Mini along with iPhone 12 Price

The leaker also noted that Apple would be selling a HomePod Mini for around $99, while introducing a MagSafe charger- something that will involve the same branding that old MacBook laptops’ magnetic charging cables contain. There weren’t any Apple spokesman who would love to comment on the iPhone 12 Price, and the other devices.

The HomePod mini announced at this event would be the second smart speaker introduced by Apple after the previous HomePod. This device had been in the rumors for quite some time- which indicated that it would be released soon. Kang claimed that the smart speaker would be around 3.3-inches in height, and will be powered using the same S5 processor that Apple Watch Series 5 saw last year. 

While it would be easy for us to believe these leaks, we should always take them with a grain of salt. Most leaks, although, have been pretty accurate, but there will always be some caveats on accurate posts- so we can’t be completely sure as to how accurate the leak is when it comes to the iPhone 12 price.