Aaron Carter Was A Victim

Aaron Carter

The 34 years old singer and father of a one-year-old, Aaron Carter was found on 5th November. Later revealed that he was found surrounded by pills and compressed air cans. The 34 years old backstreet boys and Aaron’s party singer Aaron carter, supposedly had a rough decade.

Aaron Carter Suffered From Social Media Bullying

The whole world knows about Aaron Carter, who was a drug addict and an abusive human being. Previously disclosed by Aaron Carter’s ex-partner Melanie Martin, he abused her in every way, and once he threw her and their son out of the house in the middle of the night.

He was high on drugs, and later she changed her statement saying he was just on pills, he wasn’t himself. She forgave him, but once Aaron disclosed how he struggled with drugs and wanted to change himself for the better, his mother was forced to put him in rehab. He was in and out of rehab continuously.

More than drugs social media bullying and harassment was the major reason for Aaron Carter to take his own life. Carter’s manager Taylor Helgeson knew that the bullying pushed him to the edge, otherwise only drugs couldn’t be the reason. Aaron carter has been sober for a long time and was trying to be a good father to his son, he was fighting for his son’s custody. Why would someone otherwise take their own life, is a huge question to Aaron’s manager.

He was dying every day with all the mocking and attacks from social media, however, he didn’t let those deeply buried feelings come to the surface or in his performances. Aaron received a lot of love after he passed away but didn’t get any support while he was alive, that’s what shocks Taylor till now.

Carter was so under the influence of drugs that once he threatened to kill Nick Carter’s wife and children, Nick pressed charges against him, as he said it was a matter of safety. Before passing away he tried to make peace with his family, and people he caused many troubles to. After Carter’s death, Nick penned down a heartbreaking message to his late brother on an Instagram post with childhood photos of them together.