Bad Guy Singer Billie Eilish Dating An ‘Old Man’

Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish, the 20 years old pop singer, always made her wishes clear and never cared about people’s opinions. Previously she shared her high school story where she was poorly bullied and body shamed.

Billie Eilish Has Always Taken The Kind Way To Response

Supportive fans will always support their favorite celebrity no matter what, but there are types of fans, and when someone least expects them to be vocal, they come howling at you. Just like that last month when Billie Eilish shared her photo with her boyfriend Jesse Rutherford, a 31 years old American singer and songwriter, who started his career with acting. Everyone has been mocking them for their age gap, which Billie liked every time neglected and responded to haters in a very thoughtful yet cheeky way, the couple dressed up as a little girl and an old man in love.

And captioned the post with love is crazy with clown emoji. The couple made their public appearance at the met gala together, then film gala later, wearing matching outfits of Gucci, both of them were wearing night suit monogrammed pajamas and then making the appearance of their matching outfits by dropping the blanket, and posed for the paparazzi in a Gucci blanket.

Billie and Jesse Rutherford were first seen outside the haunted maze holding hands, and later that month both of them confirmed their relationship.

Not everyone is happy with their relationship and continues making fun of them criticizing them for taking everything so lightly.

The Grammy winner Billie Eilish’s brother is supportive of his sister’s relationship and made sure that as long as she is happy, he is happy, it doesn’t, matter to him if she is dating an old man.