Absolut’s first TV ad in 3 Years Promotes Voting


This is not the first time for Absolut to choose tackling some sensitive topic in its promotions. Before the announcement of its voting campaign, the company outlined the role of alcohol in sexual assault back in February. The part of activism is one of the company’s ways to highlight the crossroads between critical cultural issues and responsible drinking.


“On Valentine’s Day this year, Absolut shocked the spirits world by being the first brand to engage in a conversation about how perpetrators of sexual assault use alcohol as both a tool and an excuse to commit their crimes,” Tad Greenough, global creative director at Absolut, said in a statement. “While many were surprised by our willingness to tackle the issue head-on, the sentiment was overwhelmingly positive. We’re confident people will react similarly to our call to make voting a priority — and to save the drink for after they’ve exercised their right to vote.”

Although Pernod Ricard joins the list of brands that have started voting campaigns through the 2020 elections, the company claimed that the campaign does now support any party. Other companies like Puma, Gap, and Snipes, have motivated people to vote as well. Also, Patagonia particularly made headlines this month that ensures customers and employees to vote.

The campaign comes months after Pam Forbus was appointed as Pernod Ricard’s CMO for North America. Earlier this year, the company canceled some of its advertising and promotional spending to cut costs as the pandemic impacted sales, Reuters reported. The omnichannel campaign for Absolut suggests that the company is returning to advertising as restrictions around the pandemic are eased and consumers return to bars and restaurants.

The campaign started months after Pam Forbus was certain as Pernod Ricard’s CMO for North America. This year, the company has cut some promotional spendings and canceled some of its advertising after the economic impacts due to the COVID-19 pandemic