Instagram Releases New Tips on How to Maximize & Set-Up Instagram Shops


As we are heading into the holiday shopping season’s peak, Instagram has published this week some new guides on how businesses can use Instagram shops to reach more customers through the platforms.

Facebook started Instagram shops in May, and they are being available to all businesses gradually. Also, for users who can access Instagram shops, it may be a good way to increase holiday sales and grab potential customers when they are browsing their feeds.

“The Season for Shops” is a new Instagram mini website that includes a set of tips and guides that covers every aspect of Instagram Shop process.

These specific overviews are what the guides cover:

-Why you have to create an Instagram shop

-Products tags in Instagram posts and stories

-Collections for Instagram shops

-Creating shopping ads

-Making custom shopping audience in the ads manager

As you can see in the images below, every guide includes overviews of the major elements to help explaining the process.


The overviews help in a great way of getting better knowing the new feature and understating it thoroughly. Also, it helps you work for your products and business.

Furthermore, Instagram has added how to add shopping tags in Stories, Live streams, and posts exactly in details.


Also, there is information on how to make your collections and shop by commerce manager:


The clarification by images makes it a lot easier to grasp the major elements, and given the several steps needed that can be a great help to get your Instagram shop up and running more effectively and faster.

Also, it’s absolutely worth spending time to go through the tips and notes there. More than a billion active users and 80% of them are following brands, there is obviously an active base of potential customers on the platform.

It makes it easier for them to go from your newest image to own that product might lead to good results, and with tags available on all products, there is so much chances!