Additional Stimulus Checks In Some States

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stimulus check

Although it is very less likely for the federal government to provide the stimulus checks to the citizens of the United States of America, however, there are a few states who are providing the money to their respective state citizens. It is to be noted that the states are provided a total of almost 200 billion USD in order to fight the crisis arising out of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic in the states. It is precisely distributed in order to work towards the economic recovery of the states. 

State-Wise Stimulus Check

The deadline within which the money has to be distributed is the last day of the year 2021 that is the 31stof December. And some states have already begun providing stimulus check payments to their people accordingly. There are a total of 9 states, the government of which has agreed to provide the money. Those states include California, Maryland, Colorado, Florida, New Mexico, Georgia, Tennessee, Michigan, and the state of Texas.

Among other states, California is the only one that has provided the stimulus check payments to their citizens from the state-owned money. And the reason behind this is the fact that there is a situation of a budget surplus in the tax system of the said state. The state has provided financial aid payments to both single people as well as parents according to the level of income.

In Maryland, the state government has repealed both local as well as state taxes on government-backed unemployment benefits. They have also provided stimulus check payments of 300 to 500 USD according to the eligibility. In the state of Michigan, the teaching staff has received 500 USD bonuses. The same will take place in the state of Tennessee. The government is set to provide 1000 USD to the teachers.