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Afghan Economy In Dire Straits

Afghan Economy is currently in dire straits. The country is facing one of the worst economic collapses in the history of mankind. People cannot withdraw cash from banks despite having a balance. Cash shortages have reached a new high in the country. A story had gone viral recently. 

A daughter of an Afghan was suffering from a deadly disease. He did not have much time and thus hurried to the bank. To his utter dismay, the bank stated that there is no cash available. The story is a common occurrence in Afghanistan right now.

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With the onset of winter, situations have worsened further for the Afghans. The temperatures will drop drastically during this time of the year. They need food and other essentials to see them through the cold. Without money, the whole nation is at risk of dying due to starvation. It has just been three months since the Taliban have taken over Afghanistan. The event has left the Afghan Economy dead. The Afghan government once got aid worth millions. All those aids have dried up leaving the country in tatters. Let us learn more about the sorry state of the Afghan Economy in detail below. 

Afghan Economy Calls For Help 

With the Afghan Economy collapsing, concerns over its inmates have been raised. The world is in a dilemma as to how to save the common people. One alternative is to provide them with sufficient monetary aid. However, no one is willing to take the risk of dishing out money to the Taliban. There is a possibility that the Taliban would misuse the money. 

America has joined hands with the European Union to tackle the issue. They have decided to provide a total of $1.29 billion to Afghanistan. They have also offered monetary aids to refugees of Afghanistan dwelling in other countries. It remains to be seen whether this money can bolster the Afghan Economy. 

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