Black Friday Sales Witnesses Plateau

Black Friday Shopping
Black Friday Shopping

Black Friday sales are not so encouraging this year. A major reason has been the onset of the pandemic. The coronavirus impacted the economy in a great way. The shutdown made matters worse for the residents. Most of the people lost their jobs. This made most of the American families struggle. People had difficulties meeting their daily needs. 

The government did come up with several stimulus checks. However, those checks were not enough for the long term. At present, unemployment is one of the biggest issues in America. The rate of unemployed people has reached a new high. The government has encouraged people to return to their work. However, people seemed reluctant to step out. 

Another major impact the pandemic had was Inflation. The American economy is experiencing one of its worst inflation. Prices have skyrocketed and made lives tougher for the residents. All these factors summed up to provide a subdued response to the Black Friday sales. Let us find out more about the Black Friday sale in detail below. 

Black Friday Turnouts Go Below Expectations 

The festive season has started in America. The biggest sale of the season is also going live at the moment. But somehow, the citizens’ response to Black Friday has been discouraging. All the malls and outlets are usually flocked by hundreds of people. Huge queues are a common sight outside the stores. The volunteers get a hard time managing the crowd every year.

The story was very much different this year. There was a buzz of excitement but it was way below normal. Adam Pressman is one of the partners at AlixPartners. He stated that the long lines were missing this year. People focused more on online shopping. The expected spike in Black Friday sales is estimated at a maximum of 10.5%.