Age Is Just A Number To Larsa Pippen

larsa pippen

She has never talked about her relationship with Marcus Jordan. As netizens mentioned, she has paired up with the enemy party: Marcus Jorda, son of Michael Jordan. Larsa Pippen is the ex-wife of Scottie Pippen. Scottie Pippen played against Michael Jordan in the late 80s. And she has seen Marcus Jordan growing up. It’s sometimes hurtful to hear some fans or haters call her Aunty. Their age difference has never been an issue to her. However, the world did show their hesitation. The couple publicly appeared in January, which shocked the whole world.

Larsa Pippen Stays Unbothered

Larsa Pippen and Marcus Jordan have come a long way from babysitter to girlfriend. Their family always knew each other. They used to hang out. Marcus Jordan was affected by these hate comments. He said sometimes he felt the urge to correct them. Later he stopped paying attention to them.

Larsa Pippen agreed with him. People who post hate comments on their photos don’t even know them properly or how they are as a couple.

Things started taking a toll on her after separating from Scottie Pippen. They share four children. The eldest one is 22 years old.

Larsa Pippen added that sexism played a huge role when dating younger men or women. Men are not judged when they date younger women. However, double standards have always been there. She clarified she never planned on dating Marcus Jordan. Things just happened.

She knew what she was looking for. It was never like one fine day, she suddenly decided to start dating a younger man.

Larsa Pippen was looking for something real. Age and race were never in her mind.

Despite all, Marcus Jordan loves dating older women. He couldn’t stop praising Larsa Pippen. It’s an incredible feeling for him how maturely she handles things.