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Al Roker Reveal Fitness Secret

Al Roker is one of the most prominent faces on the American television circuit. He is one of the renowned journalists in America and is known for his role as a weathercaster. He has worked for a lot of premium channels and is very popular among audiences. However, in recent times, one aspect of the journalist has particularly baffled everyone. He is suddenly looking lean and fit. Roker was known to carry a bit of weight with him. Surprisingly, he has looked to be in the shape of his life. His sudden transformation has surprised everybody. Al Roker has been approached numerous times to spill the beans about his transformation.

After a long period of waiting, finally, we will be getting to know the much-awaited answer. Roker has recently revealed his secret to a great body at the age of sixty-seven. When asked about his weight loss recipe, he stated it was not something very fancy. Roker said that he did not opt for an intense workout regime or an extraordinary diet. He kept it simple with regular moderate workout sessions coupled with a set plan that had significantly less amount of carbohydrates in it. Let us learn more about the story in detail below. 

Al Roker Says How He Lost 45lbs

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Al Roker has gone from fat to fit in months. The dignified journalist has lost forty-five pounds of weight in a couple of months. He shared his success story recently. Roker said that anyone who wanted to lose weight must maintain a clean diet. Cutting off carbohydrates can be an effective way of losing fat. However, he also asked everyone to consult a doctor before finalizing on the diet

Al Roker also said regular exercise is the key to a healthy body. He further added that working out not only keeps your body fit but also improves mental health significantly. 

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