Alabama Barker Defended Her Stepmom

alabama barker

There are very few times when Dad’s second wife works out fine with his own children. This time Travis Barker perhaps hit the jackpot. Even after so much criticism, Kourtney Kardashian kept her mouth shut. Before her husband used to defend her and now her stepdaughter does it.

Alabama Barker Defended her stepmom on social media. Her biological mother has been throwing shade continuously. People believe they have some unsolved feud that needs to be addressed. However, the daughter here saved the day. There is nothing she is just jealous of.

Alabama Barker’s Generous Words Made Everyone Rethink Their Relationship With Their StepParents 

Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker got married last year in Italy. Perhaps it was an impromptu wedding. However, they managed to keep his children present at the ceremony.

Alabama Barker was one of the bridesmaids at Kourtney’s wedding.

Kourtney Kardashian’s daughter Penelope, Alabama Barker, and her half-sister were also present at the wedding.

Alabama Barker’s biological mother continuously posts about how Kourtney got married to Travis because of his money.

Recently on Kourtney’s birthday, Alabama shared a post on Instagram saying sweet things about her stepmom.

She elaborated on how Kourtney is the best stepmom she could ask for.

She always puts her family first no matter what.

Alabama Barker wrote even when Kourtney is having a hard day she doesn’t give up.

She fulfills her duty toward everyone. Kourtney proved to be a hard-working mom and a family person one could ask for.

Alabama’s biological mom, Shanna Moakler, often throws shade at Kourtney saying she posts more photos of her stepdaughters rather than her own children.

Alabama Barker cleared the air saying Shanna Moakler was never the mom she wanted. She was barely present in her life.

During the important event, she didn’t show up.

Kourtney and Travis blended their family so far everyone is having a good time.