Alana Thompson Flaunts Her New Piercing

alana thompson

Alana Thompson is one of the most popular names in the field of American entertainment. She has been termed as one of the most promising upcoming talents in the circuit. Alana is a great actor and has already made a huge name for herself. The teenage star has appeared in a number of movies and television shows. However, her biggest break was “Here Comes Honey Boo Hoo”. Alana received a ton of appreciation for her role. Critics were heavily impressed with the character portrayal of the young actor.

Alana seems to be having a nice time at the moment. She has recently given a heads up about what is going on with her life. According to the latest picture on her Instagram, Alana has got a second piercing on her nose. The teenage star shared the news with her fans via an Instagram post recently. She flaunted her piercing which was a small stud of diamond on her nostrils. The star had earlier pierced one of her noses soon after she turned fifteen years old. Let us learn more about Alana Thompson and her recent piercing experience in detail below. 

Alana Thompson Gets A Second Piercing 

Alana Thompson seems to be very fond of getting pierced. The teenage sensation now has a couple of piercings on her nose. Alana is currently busy promoting the launch of her current clothing line. However, the fans did not miss out on her piercings. All of them were quick to point out the new nose stud. 

Most of the fans praised the nose stud. Several others were very much happy and complimented the way Alana Thompson looked. The fans commented that Thompson looked much more beautiful without putting on her makeup.