Ex-Fiance Of Producer Alexandria Herring Of Try Guys Drinks Champagne After Cheating Scandal

Alexandria Herring
Alexandria Herring

Days before he reportedly revealed that “Try Guys” production company’s Alexandria Herring had cheated on him with one co-founders of the show, namely Ned Fulmer, she was already seeing another man.

Steven Cuzzort, a buddy of Thayer‘s, posted a photo on Instagram on Sunday, last weekend showing the two having champagne at Hollywood’s Jones Bar and Grill.

Ma Bois is returning to town. Cuzzort posted the picture of Thayer smiling, “If ya know you know. is what the caption read. After dating for even more than ten years, Alexandria Herring and Thayer were planning a wedding.

The image came to light just one once after Thayer is suspected of leaking videos and images of Fulmer, 35, with Alexandria Herring making out in a New York City nightclub.

The official Instagram handle of Try Guys indicated they had cut ties with Fulmer after their romance was made public.

Try Guys Producer Alexandria Herring’s Drinking Champagne After The Cheating Scandal:

Soon after, Fulmer made a post on his own Instagram confirming he used to have a “consensual professional relationship.” He would not, however, mention Herring by identity in his piece.

He wrote that his family will always be his priority and he is sorry for the pain he has caused to the show or to its fans but most of all, to Ariel, he said. Fulmer even wrote that the only part that matters the most to him right now is about his marriage and his children, and said that his where he will be focusing all his attention in.

After deleting “Wife” from her Instagram profile, Ariel, 36, responded with a message of her own and thanked her followers for their support.

The fact that Ariel and Ned were seen together around Wednesday suggests that they are still attempting to work issues out, although Thayer and Alexandria Herring appearing to be done dating.

The pair, who are parents to Finley, 1, and Wesley, 4, were seen leaving the Los Angeles home while displaying their wedding bands. Even Ned smiled at the photographers.