David Ellefson Of Megadeth Responds To Video Leak

david ellefson

David Ellefson recently had some of his videos leaked. The content in them led to the internet speculating about him being involved in “grooming” of a “minor”. However, the bassist has since responded to the unfounded allegations.

The Leaked Chats Of David Ellefson

David Ellefson admitted that these were private adult interactions. However, he also explained that they are being removed from their proper context. He spoke out in an attempt to clear the record after the internet was filled with speculation. The leaked chats reportedly involved him intimately with a woman who is not his wife.

Last weekend, on Twitter, the messages of the musician, now 56, were leaked. The messages had a tinge of sexuality. On Monday, David Ellefson took to Instagram and gave a statement on the matter. The statement has been since made private, however.

In the statement, he denied all chatter on social media about him grooming a fan who is underage. The post began by him acknowledging and reminding the reader about the leaked personal interactions and conversations online. An unknown third party had done so with malicious intent, he claimed. Furthermore, the party had no authority to share them or have them. However, despite the embarrassment, Ellefson expressed his desire to be open and honest about the matter.

He continued by attaching a statement from the woman involved. He gave her his thanks for the post, and he hoped that it would help clear up an otherwise misconstrued situation. The woman, in her post, denied that she was never of age. Furthermore, she admitted to having made a recording of the intimate call without David Ellefson’s permission. Moreover, she also admitted to being the initiator of the call.

David Ellefson has been married for the last 27 years to Julie, his wife. They have two children, Roman and Athena.