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Facebook is one of the most popular social networks. However, because of the number of users and the organization’s size, it might get difficult to get in contact with the support team at Facebook. Many users have to get in touch with the Facebook customer service to reset their password and get in control of their Facebook account. So, you might need help with contacting Facebook. Live chat support from Facebook will also be helpful in such cases. As such, you do not need to look any further for this information regarding Facebook.

You may need to contact Facebook for not just yourself, but your friends as well, for many reasons. Here is a list of situations that you may find similar:

  •   You no longer had access to the Facebook page of a client.
  •   Your client no longer remembers the Facebook account password that is personal. They have also lost the access details of the account-associated email address.
  •   Your Facebook ads might be rejected or discontinued even though Facebook had already approved of them.
  •   You or a client of yours may be subject to harassment on their page on Facebook. You have to assist them with this.
  •   A Facebook account of a client might be hacked. This has led to the hacker gaining complete control of the Facebook page of their company.
  •   A scammer might be copying your Facebook posts. They are doing so to pretend that they are you.
  •   A person you know or one of their relatives may have died. You might need help so that you can access the Facebook account of the deceased individual.

Needless to say, if you are facing any of these issues or a similar you need some assistance apart from what is on offer on Facebook forums. Fret not, however, there are always ways to contact a person from Facebook support and get a response from them that will help you resolve the issue.

facebook support chat Unfortunately, Facebook is not known for its customer service team. A normal Facebook message has almost no chances of reaching them if you are a Facebook user. They have a notorious reputation of being detached. As such, a “correct” or a “right” way of getting them to respond does not exist. Moreover, neither is there a magic phone number for Facebook customer service that you can dial and immediately speak with a representative from customer service.

Also, there might be various email addresses that Facebook claims can be used to reach their customer support. However, usually, they are not the most efficient method of getting assistance. The bottom line is that you have to go through several different methods before you can reach Facebook help as a customer.

Nevertheless, here is a list of various methods, that are tried and tested, that can help you reach Facebook support. Hopefully, you will not need to go through all of the methods.

(Please note that Facebook sometimes disables or changes email addresses. So let us know so that we can keep the article updated if your email gets bounced.)

Contact Option No.1: contact facebook support live chat

There is a feature called contact facebook support live chat. This is supposed to be a way in which you can get help from Facebook agents directly. However, this feature is only usable by Facebook business accounts. As such, if you are a user of a standard account, then we suggest skipping this section. The exclusivity leaves out most of the Facebook users from using the option of a live chat.

But! If your account is a business account, then you can start contact facebook support live chat by clicking on this URL: Customers numbering in millions make use of Facebook Live Chat to directly address their questions to Facebook. The department in charge of operating each Facebook Live Chat chat window can handle several issues. Such as:

  •   Recovering a business account that has been hacked on the platform.
  •   Recovering an account that has been disabled on Facebook.
  •   Reset the password.
  •   Providing assistance if a user of a business account cannot receive the code that reset requests.
  •   Any problems regarding a Facebook business page.

However, it is important to note that the Facebook live chat feature is not available all the time every day. If you do not see any indicators that tell you how long you have to wait on the Facebook Live Chat, then no Facebook live person may be accessible at the moment.

The Facebook Live Chat department operates from call centers in Belize, NC, and Greensboro. Facebook Live Chat’s operating times are 9 am through 5 pm, Mondays till Fridays. The average time you have to wait on Facebook Live Chat is approximately 3 minutes.

The customer chat can also be opened with the Facebook app and the chat plugin that you can download and install. The messenger app can also support the live chat option.

Contact Option No.2: The Features Of facebook chat support

An easily accessible and logical step is our second recommended step. Facebook has developed a help system that is quite robust. So we suggest you attempt to use it. See if any of the automated tools by Facebook can provide any help in resolving the issue. You might find it hard to believe but the Help Centre by Facebook can be used to send messages to company representatives. This is also one of the most reliable methods of connecting with Facebook to help you with some of the issues that are easy to resolve.

In quite a few cases, communication bots or chatbots have been developed by Facebook that can automatically reply to very common issues. The chatbot can also use the chat widget to hold the facebook chat support. The instant messenger chatbot is the same as on the desktop website. It is similar to instant messaging but with computer-generated responses.

They will also tell you all the steps you can follow through which the problem can be fixed in the chat box. The Help Center can give you support for issues that are related to:

  •   Issues regarding whitelisted domains
  •   Account Issues
  •   Facebook Ads Issues
  •   Issues related to the infringement of Copyrights and Trademarks on Facebook.
  •   Concerns over privacy, and issues regarding infringement or violation of the user’s rights.
  •   Email issues
  •   Problems or issues regarding login
  •   Concerns regarding usernames and/or names
  •   Concerns and questions about videos and photos
  •   Situations where disability and/or death are causing issues.

To access the facebook chat support, just open Facebook on your desktop (it is most accessible in this version). Then find your way to the webpage of Facebook’s Help Center. You can do this by clicking the large question mark in the page’s top-right corner. There will be a link saying “Help Center” there. The icon is beside the notification bell icon.

facebook chat supportAfter accessing the Facebook Help Center, you can look through the toolbar showing all the options. Then find out which question your issue may relate to.

You can find the toolbar at the upper part of your screen just below the bar that you use to search. You can view the subsections of each option by dragging your mouse cursor over them. You may also take a look at the sections called “Questions You May Have” or “Popular Topics” that are there on the page. The two sections list quite a lot of issues and complaints. Help Center’s website has these two sections right on the main page. You can select the section that is relevant right away.

For example, if the Facebook account has been taken over by a hacker, look at the section named “Privacy and Safety”. Under that, select the option called “Hacked and Fake Accounts”. On clicking it, several suggestions will appear and drop down in the menu below the bar for searching. You can then simply choose the option that you think is most useful.

Here’s a small trick. You can fast-forward the process if you click the bar for searching that is above the page of Help Center. After that, type some words that relate to the query. Facebook’s Help Center will automatically try to suggest the appropriate section of help as fast as possible.

Over 100 forms for contacting are provided by Facebook for almost any issue you can face on the platform. You may also try to send a message using the link called “General Feedback”. However, even Facebook admits that this might not get any replies. The company claims that all feedback submissions cannot be reviewed and responded to. They also said this feedback feature is actually for gathering user feedback about their experience on the platform. So the method can frustrate you.

Contact Option No.3: Facebook Forums

There are more ways of getting support for your questions if you do not have an account for business on the social media platform. That is you can get help from the other users on the platform on the Community Forum on Facebook.

To enter the forums, first, log in to Facebook, and then click the large question mark icon, that we pointed out in the last section. Reach Facebook’s Help Center using the icon.

After pressing it, scroll to the page’s very bottom. At the left side of the page’s bottom, press “Visit Help Community”. The link will directly open the Facebook forums. You can then bookmark the link for faster access in the future.

In the Help Forums for Facebook, you can go through the queries by topic/category. Or, you can use the box for searching at the web page’s top. At the upper right of the website, you can find a gray-colored tab that has “Ask a Question” written on it. Click the link and then find the sub-topic or topic that is most appropriate on the page that opens next.

In the box, you can also type the question that you are having issued with. You have to show some patience, however, because it might take a while before you can see some responses from others. To know the exact status of the question, you can look at the “Support Inbox”. You can find the option by pressing the top-right icon of a question mark. Here you will be able to see whether anyone answered your question. It can be a staff member from Facebook or any helpful community member on the platform.

Contact Option Number 4: The Email Addresses For facebook support chat

One more convenient and reliable method of reaching Facebook is via the several available email addresses. The agents for customer service normally respond by serving the customers that come first. These departments operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

However, if your email is sent at a very late time of the day, you will not be usually getting any replies till the next morning. The agents at facebook support chat, on average, reply after at least 24 hours. The most expected response time is about 3 PM.

Here is a list of emails that can be used to reach facebook support chat:

[email protected] – The email address can be used for asking about issues like recovering accounts that have been disabled, hacked, getting your password reset, getting the reset code, and any concerns with a page.

[email protected] – This one is for concerns regarding any appeals if the content has faced blocks or if the account has faced suspension. You can also appeal for repeal at this email address.

[email protected] – This support email is very basic. So you have to be extremely detailed about the issue you are facing if you are sending an email to this general address.

[email protected] – The address is particularly for any financial issues that you might have faced while using Facebook.

[email protected] – The address is the most closely monitored so that action can be taken as soon as possible. However, please do not use it for anything apart from reporting instances of abuse.

Keep in mind that if you want a detailed particular response or a quick one, you should keep the email brief, straight, and concise. Be descriptive but only talk about the points relating to the main concern.

Contact Option Number 5: Contact An Ad Representative From Facebook

If you want to get in touch with Facebook Ads Support, you have to have an active Ad account. The account must also have a billed Ad spend associated with the account. If your account is one like this, log in and go to the Help Center for Ads. This link can be used: Scroll down to find the section titled “Still Need Help”. And then click on “Contact Our Support Team”. After that, you can press the button for Chat.

contact facebook support live chat (1)The categories of question you can find support for from Facebook Advertising are:

  •   Account Security and Policy
  •   Setting Custom Audience
  •   Payments and Billing
  •   Pages for Business
  •   Tools for Ad Management
  •   Ads
  •   Results that you can improve and measure

So it might be worth it to spend the extra money and get a Facebook Ad account

Contact Option Number 6 – Use LinkedIn To Find Someone Who Works For Facebook

If you need to reach Facebook, and their in-built systems are not working, you can do so using other platforms for social networking. LinkedIn is the top option. Just find someone who is working or has worked for the company. At the very least, they can give you much more well-informed pointers.

To do so, go to Facebook’s corporate page on LinkedIn. At the top, you can view the over 60,000 people who are employed at Facebook. Then narrow the search by using the tab called “filter connections.” Select the option for displaying only the connections that are of the second and first levels. After that, you can view those who are in the network and can be contacted.

However, do not nag at such important contacts with password resets and other such minor issues. Only ask them for major, critical issues.

Contact Option Number 7 – Use Twitter To Contact Facebook

facebook live chat support
Facebook live chat support

It can sound crazy, but sometimes, asking the question in a forum such as Twitter can get attention. If the support system inside Facebook is not responding, scream it at the world. You can either tweet the issue or tag Facebook by mentioning them. You can also directly message them by following the official account. A quick hint would be seeing if any well-known or famous personality is also experiencing the problem. Then you can use that as leverage for your tweet.

In Conclusion

These are not all the methods that can be used. However, the others are a bit more desperate, to say the least. These include sending a normal letter on paper via post to Facebook’s headquarters in California; or buying a product like the Oculus and then contacting their customer support.

Be that as it may, contacting Facebook might prove to be a lot of trouble. In this article, there are seven methods listed. However, do not get stuck at just one, and use as many as you can. Hopefully, that will help you with the problem as fast as possible. The desktop Facebook website is not always necessary. You can use the messenger platform, the customer chat plugin with the platform

Facebook Live Chat Support