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Thursday, January 27, 2022

Twitter Issues Warning On Premature Victory Tweets Concerning The Georgia Run-Off

Two politicians from the United States of America have faced a warning from the social media platform, Twitter. This incident took place on Tuesday. Those two were Andrew Yang and Stacey Abrams. Yang is the former presidential candidate from the Democratic Party. The latter is a gubernatorial candidate belonging to the same party. Abrams hails from the state of Georgia.

They were held responsible for violating the norms of Twitter. This was because they posted tweets that indicated the fact that the Senate candidates from the Democratic party had won the runoff of the Georgia Senate. The candidates representing their party are Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock.

What Offended Twitter?

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In the tweet made by Yang, the former presidential candidate, it was said that their Democratic candidates had won over the seats. He also went on to thank the voters for making their win possible. It was followed by the Tweet of Stacey Abrams’ 6-lined congratulatory message to one of the Georgia runoff candidates, Raphael Warnock.

The results of the runoff for the Senate has not been out yet. The spokesperson of Twitter reported to Fox News on the matter. The statement came out on Tuesday. It was said that they would put a label on the Tweets of the two politicians as per the policies of the social media giant. It was also mentioned in the statement that the approach of Twitter was the same as that from the 2020 Presidential elections that took place in the month of November.

The action from the side of Twitter came during the time when they were facing numerous complaints against them on the grounds that only those users having conservative viewpoints are under their radar. they are only the ones against whom Twitter takes action.

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The social media platform has not barred the US president, Donald Trump, from their warning policies. Dozens of tweets posted by him have been flagged as misleading by them.

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