The Social Media Giant Expands E-Commerce By Introducing Facebook Shops

Facebook Shops

After this fast-moving world of ours was forced shut on account of the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses have suffered heavy losses. The one sector that has seemingly survived and some would even say, witnessed a boom, is the virtual market. Facebook recently joined the race of e-commerce by introducing Facebook Shops for Facebook and its child company, Instagram. 

Facebook explained that the move was to create a one-stop virtual store that would be accessible to Facebook and Instagram users. Any business, whatever their budget, can share the platform on equal ground. The business owners can customize their products, cover page, color, etc. 

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Facebook ShopsHere’s how you can create your own store in Facebook Shops. 

If you are a business owner, Facebook user, and are eligible, you will soon be provided with a ‘Shop Builder’ link. It is an addition to Facebook’s already existing Page Tools. From the link, you will gain access to creating your own catalog of products. You can also directly connect to an eCommerce platform and stream the existing catalog. The eCommerce platforms that Facebook has collaborated with are Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, CedCommerce, ChannelAdvisor, Feedonomics, Cafe24, and Tienda Nube. 

Facebook ShopsThe feature will not be made accessible to all the business owners just yet. 

According to Facebook, they will start a phased opening. The feature will be opened to businesses globally, which already has Instagram Profile Shops. The feature will be expanded to other new businesses over the next couple of months. The business owners will be contacted by Facebook via email. 

Facebook Shops will be as customer-friendly as it will be business-owner friendly. Over time, customers will be allowed to shop via Messenger, Whatsapp, and Instagram Direct. 

Facebook ShopsFacebook is also introducing a video connection tools feature that will further help grow online shopping. The one-stop online shop will help new businesses to find a larger crowd. 

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Many bloggers have already been using the live stream feature to advertise their products. Facebook will utilize this feature further and add the products at the bottom of the page. Interested people can tap on the product to make a purchase or simply read more about it. 

Facebook ShopsThe program had been tested last March with the makeup company Sephora. 

Facebook users and customers can also discover new brands similar to the brands they like. An option to filter the categories will also be provided. The Facebook Shops tab will later be added to the search bar so that people can access the virtual market within a second. 

Facebook ShopsIn Asian countries, like Indonesia and India, Facebook has pushed its e-commerce aspirations further by introducing Facebook Pay. 

Facebook ShopsAccording to data provided by IPSOS, e-commerce has taken a Phoenix-like rise in these distressing times of a falling global economy. It is very likely that shopping may have changed forever. Once people get comfortable with virtual shopping, chances are, they will opt for e-commerce over on-ground shopping even after the pandemic ends. 

With over 3 billion users, Facebook has just stepped up its game with Instagram and Facebook Shops. 

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