Amazon Black Friday Strike: A Reason Of Concern

Amazon Black Friday Strike
Amazon Black Friday Strike

Amazon Black Friday Strike is threatening to ruin the company’s big day. Black Friday is one of the biggest days for Amazon. The company provides a plethora of offers and sales on its products. A large amount of engagement is experienced during the sale. Thus, the organization needs a sufficient number of helping hands. Otherwise, coping up with the demands will seem impossible.

However, as per recent reports, this year’s Black Friday might be rough for Amazon. The workers have decided to go on a strike on Black Friday. This could mean a heavy loss for the company. With fewer workers present, the company will be forced to curb its operations. This in turn will lead to a potential loss of a significant amount. 

The Amazon Black Friday Strike is triggered by a number of reasons. The biggest reason is a better pay scale. The workers and laborers have asked the company to raise their payments for a long time. Despite repeated calls, there was no solution. Thus, they decided to take matters into their own hands. Another major cause for the Amazon Black Friday Strike is the want for a better work environment. Let us learn more about the incident in detail below. 

Amazon Black Friday Strike All Set To Upset Sales 

Amazon Black Friday Strike is led by an organization named Make Amazon Pay. The group was formed by several labor institutes and workers of Amazon. Their sole motive was to make Amazon understand the importance of their workers. It is this group that has warned Amazon of a strike on Black Friday. 

The Amazon Black Friday Strike will be a worldwide phenomenon. It is expected to be carried out in more than twenty countries. India, United States & Germany are some important countries that might experience the strike.