Amy Robach’s Coming Back To Social Media On Snail’s Pace

Amy Robach

After the paparazzi leaked the photo of the couple, the world came down upon Amy Robach and her current lover T.J. Holmes. She shut down her Instagram account, probably trying to keep it lowkey. However, she has conquered it all and has come a long way in battling personal problems. Now she has accepted everything and is quite proud. And their photo surfaced again on social media.

Miami Beach Setting Up The Holiday Mood For Amy Robach

A few days ago T.J. Holmes filed for divorce from his wife Marilee Fiebig, which made the fact solid that Amy Robach and he are in a serious relationship. She filed for divorce long ago, and Holmes was there the entire time when she going through a rough patch in her life. A close friend of theirs has disclosed that they were just good friends and they didn’t even start before the divorce of Amy. The divorce is yet finalized, she is still lawfully tied to her ex-husband.

And now the cats are out of the bag, the couple is not in hiding mode, and they are showing love for each other. They are spending all the time together now. They were seen sunbathing at the Miami beach, locking arms, and sharing a kiss, this holiday season. However, Holmes kept his account deactivated still.

Not only that he has shared with his close friends before filing for divorce how unhappy he is with that marriage in spite of having a daughter together. And he has been unhappy for a long time, so that was the perfect moment to get out of that marriage. Amy Robach’s last post was in the Czech Republic on vacation, after that she didn’t post anything, which led to rumors she must have been spending time with T.J. Holmes.