Amy Schumer Is Being Blamed For Tampon Crisis Across The Nation

Amy Schumer
Amy Schumer

Amy Schumer is a 41-year-old actress who had starred in several commercials for Tampax during the year 2020. Now that the tampons of Tampax are facing a shortage of supply all over the nation, Amy Schumer is being blamed for it. 

Schumer’s campaign for Tampax had a wonderful message that had managed to normalize open conversation related to issues of tampon absorbencies and menstruation. However, Amy Schumer had failed to make a strong enough impact on the people menstruating to purchase a box of Tampax. 

Trending Tampons vs Amy Schumer 

On the other hand, Procter and Gamble, which own Tampax, have stated that they have experienced massive growth in retail sales since Amy Schumer’s campaign had started airing. They also added that the figures and stats of the company have doubled as well as there has been a 7.7% increase in demand during the past 2 years. The company has been trying to catch up with the demand by modifying its factory production. 

Although Schumer promotes only a single brand of tampon, other tampon brands have also been facing a shortage. 

Reason Behind Tampon Crisis 

The primary reason behind this tampon crisis can be blamed on the overall inflation and issues related to staff. Plastic, rayon, cotton, and several other items required in producing PPE (equipment for personal protection) utilized throughout the pandemic have been short in supply. Additionally, there have been staffing problems in most of the factories. 

Since tampons are always highly in demand due to the women having periods every month, the tampon crisis is persisting. However, there seems to be no solution in sight. Since men are not facing any issues on a personal level, they are least bothered. Hence, Amy Schumer has become an easy target for the tampon crisis.