Andrew Ridgeley, Exclusive Netflix Interview

andrew ridgeley

He and his former bandmate George Michael shared a close-knit bond. Andrew Ridgeley remembers his soul friend. His untimely death has left him in utter shock. He still couldn’t comprehend his demise. They both played in Wham. The upcoming Netflix documentary on their band’s history. Andrew is interviewed by the team, which leaves him wondering where it went wrong. Losing Michael was nothing less than losing one part of himself.

He wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for George Michael.

His demise in 2016 was an utter shock to the band and history. He was 53 at that time. Same as Andrew.

Favorite Scrabble Partner Of Andrew Ridgeley, Has Tricked Him, He Is Not Happy

Wham rose to fame in the 1980s. George Michael was found dead in his home on Christmas in 2016. An autopsy was performed, and police ruled out foul play or suicide. His death was of natural causes, yet leaving breadcrumbs for suspicion.

Michael was suffering from fatty liver and other health-related issues at the time of his death. That also doesn’t add up to his autopsy. His best friend and Scrabble partner, Andrew Ridgeley, was shocked and numb after his death.

He couldn’t fathom imagining his best friend had left him. It was quite the trick he was expecting.

A week before his body was found, he played Scrabble with Andrew Ridgeley at his house. It was their last interaction. 

The Netflix documentary would show George Michael’s struggling life as a singer and pop star. Majority of the peak of his career, he spent money on fighting legal battles with his album. Andrew Ridgeley spoke the same as Michael’s family. He was a helpful person. Andrew Ridgeley and George Michael spent a lot of time together. Often he was found at Ridgeley’s house playing Scrabble together.