Anna Devley Made Guests Sign NDA At Her After Party

anna delvey
Anna Delvey

Birthday girl Anna Devley threw in quite a surprise bomb as she made her guests sign non-disclosure forms along with each individual’s social security numbers for the afterparty to her birthday event.

Scammer Anna Devley Throws A Party Of A Lifetime

The obtained NDA forms were the basic requirement for attending the infamous “Club House Arrest” soiree and while it still appeared to be somewhat legalese what truly struck the attendees was underneath the signatures it was mandatory to put in every individual’s social security number. It was revealed that most people attending Anna Develey’s gala event were forced to either leave the forms blank or provide fake information instead of their SSS. 

However, reports on Devely confirmed that guests received their NDA forms upon entry there’s a strong conflict on the presumption that the listed attendees might have also received these forms beforehand via email.

Released photos of the event which was promoting The Kollection as an announcement cloning a cover from the New York Post. Among the list of attendees designer Cynthia Rowley and her daughter, Rachel Rabbit White, Cat Marnell, Ben Widdicombe, Dr. Alexander Blinski and many more could be seen. The birthday bash took place in the walk-up Anna Develey’s apartment.

Attendees of the night shared that it was somewhat of a magical night and also very coincidental as a lot of incidents kept repeating more than once mostly due to the intimate party but overall it was a night to remember. While another added that there was a crowd full of people waiting outside the building for getting in. The full door was covered with security along with a guy holding a list of the names. The whole gimmick of attending Anna Devley’s party was quite exciting of sorts. 

Sources found the idea of the chain of events quite brilliant as Anna Devley, currently on house arrest is restrained from leaving the house but can perform as an amazing host choosing a good crowd to make the night worth remembering.