Anne Hathaway Opened Her Box Of Fashion

Anne Hathaway

She is no doubt one of the best fashionistas in Hollywood. Even her casualty slays. Anne Hathaway precisely described her experience with Erin Walsh. She is most the “powerful” stylist in Hollywood. She has worked with most renowned celebrities in the past. Who also has dealt with Hathaway’s shape when it comes to fashion. She prefers a unique and simple style. Erin did dress her that way. She read her mind.

The Recklessness Behind Anne Hathaway’s Dressing

She loves the thrill. Unlike many celebrities, she likes to think out of the box. Anne Hathaway never wanted to dress as a teenager. Rather never tried to be cute, and preferred an iconic look. Perhaps there is no fun without adventure. She loves to take risks with everything.

Not only Erinn Walsh but also Law Roach. Who was a stylist of Zendaya, Kerri Washington, and Megan Thee Stallion? Roach suddenly announced his retirement on Twitter. Many assumed that his feud with Zendaya forced him to leave the industry. The following day he did clear the cloud saying Zendaya is like her sister, he left because of nasty politics in the industry. Things got rough for him to stay.

On the other hand, Anne Hathaway always had fun working with Erin Walsh. She brought Hathaway’s inner self. Which is in no way remotely too close to a princess. She loves dare.

Anne Hathaway said how she reciprocates her idiosyncrasies as a strength. They share a bond, which is way beyond just being her stylist.

Erin Walsh and Anne Hathaway connected over risky things. Both of them like to do something unique and always. Whatever they do, it always resonates with the world. They always try to make it work that way.