Another Scary Episode Heather Locklear Struggles With

heather locklear

The actress is known for struggling with alcohol addiction and drug abuse. She has been in and out of rehab quite frequently. Heather Locklear was recently seen outside of an office building. Perhaps she was trying to take control of herself before falling under the dumpster. She was seen talking to herself. Continuous episodes made her someone who she is not.

After the paparazzi leaked the photos, many worried about her mental health. She was seen behaving erratically. Many assume she might not be in a proper state and are worried about what she could be trying to do next. She is unpredictable and was seen walking on the edge of a building.

Another Sobriety Journey Ahead Of Heather Locklear

She was seen behaving other than normal. She has a history of emotional breakdowns. She has been to rehab more than 20 times. Heather Locklear was once held in a psychiatric ward for her behavior. After witnessing her behavior, many anticipated she might have started drinking again. She got sober in 2019, and perhaps it was the primary reason for her to get engaged to her fiance.

 Heather Locklear has mentioned she doesn’t care if she never gets married to him. He will be the only man she loves for the rest of her life. A wedding is unimportant to her as long as she has him. They are supportive of each other, loving each other regardless of everything. That’s all she cares about. They had broken up a zillion times before Heather Locklear got sober.

Her fiance came to pick her up, and immediately she ran towards her car. The way she ran seemed abnormal. Heather Locklear was caught having a mental breakdown near an office building. The paparazzi caught her near an unknown office, she was reading a magazine, and something might have triggered her. The paparazzi caught the way she put the magazine angrily in her bag. She walked to the edge of the building without fearing for her life. She could have injured herself.