In A Recent Reality Show In E!, Mom Doris Tests Her Relationship With Her Son Anthony Anderson

Anthony Anderson

In the new reality series “Trippin’ With Anthony Anderson and Mama Doris” on E!, Anthony and with mother Doris Hancox put their relationship to the test. 

The impromptu series follows Doris, and Anderson, 52, as they travel around France, England, and Italy for six weeks to learn more about Europe’s diverse history and, perhaps, to learn more about themselves despite their proximity. 

Anthony Anderson Takes His Mother To An Unforgettable Trip 

Anthony Anderson has revealed in a teaser released on Thursday that he recently came back from the perfect journey around Europe with his mother. He further added that he gave her an unforgettable experience of a journey to show his mother how much he appreciates all that she has done for him. Mama Doris complains that her son makes her “ass hurt,” at a certain point, while Anthony Anderson calls him “crazy” for organizing such a long vacation with his mom. 

The one-liners Mama Doris delivers to demonstrate she is equally as witty as her comic son will be the highlight for viewers, though. She notices a naked figure at a drawing lesson and remarks about the body of the figure. Later, Doris intervenes to control the commotion behind the scenes of what seems like a runway show. 

She gestures to additional nude models, “Booty and boobs” over there following her everywhere. Mama Doris gets asked intimate questions elsewhere that she might not want to respond to. For instance, at one point, over a few glasses of wine, a European woman casually inquired about how she lost her virginity.

While Doris seemed to have no trouble catching birds in the country, she loses her cool when she experiences discomfort in a small open-air car rumbling through a crowded city’s uneven streets. Mama Doris informed Anderson that there was a whole lot of mess he is yet to discover about her in a different, more fluid, automobile scenario.