Apple Headphones and the New iPhone 12 May Be Released Simultaneously

Apple Headphone

The September event of Apple already occurred- bringing with itself the new Apple iPad and the Apple Watches. Interestingly, there was no mention of the iPhone 12 at this virtual event. According to several rumors, the iPhone 12 might actually debut along with the Apple Headphones- the AirPod Studio. AirPod Studio is simply a pair of over-ear headphones that Apple might bring out sometime in October. Apple Headphones, or AirPod Studio as it is being called, will probably belong in the group of other high-end headphones that come armed with superior features. The Apple Headphones will probably have noise cancellation, along with a transparency mode that will help bring in some external sounds in order to ensure personal safety. Interestingly, the Apple Headphones have been speculated since 2018, despite Apple actually owning Beats- and the over-ear headphones Solo Pro. 

If we actually look at the success AirPods has had over the last few years, we wouldn’t be blaming Apple for deciding to bring its Apple Headphones under the same umbrella. 

A mystery Apple headphone appears in iOS 14 Along with iPhone 12

The icon for the Apple Headphones was first noticed in the leaked code of the iOS 14. 9to5Mac had uploaded an image of how the AirPods Studio would look on an iPhone 12. According to the image, the Apple Headphone is simply a standard over-the-ear headphone that contains padded cups- and is usually of a greyish color. For the uninitiated, this isn’t the first time that a product image or glyph cropped up on a pre-released software. Most of the headphones like the AirPods Pro, or the PowerBeats Pro have had glyphs before they were announced. 

Bloomberg earlier reported that Apple was probably working on quite a few variations of their headphones- which did include premium models, and fitness models. There were also quite a few rumors on how the headphones might just have interchangeable components. Since the Apple Watch already comes furnished with the customized range of products, the Apple Headphones might be following in its footsteps.

Soon, a video and an image did come up online on Twitter with the poster claiming to display the Sport version of the Apple Headphone. The images of these headphones featured a couple of cups that were squarish in shape- and came with a headband that appeared to have some sort of a padding. Jon Prosser, a leaker also followed up, with a few pictures that did look similar to the other leaked models. Earlier, Prosser had mentioned that the AirPods Studio would begin its price range at $349, which would see them in the range of other headphones like the SONY WH-1000XM4, and the Bose 700. 

Apple Headphones could have unique sensors and audio tools

As it goes with most Apple Products, the most interesting thing about them are the rumors that come along with it. The 9to5Mac report states that the Apple Headphone might have a sensor that could very well detect if the headphone was on someone’s neck, or their heads. This feature would allow them to play, or pause the music as they saw fit. This is actually quite similar to how the AirPods work- where music stops when you take one out. Also, it has been rumored that the Apple Headphone might not have a wrong, or a right way to wear anything. In fact, it might just automatically detect how you have the headphones on, and simply shift accordingly. 

Meanwhile, the AirPods Pro does come with an equalizer that helps change the sound on its own- as it focuses on your ear variables. Unfortunately, Apple doesn’t really provide EQ that is user-adjustable unless they are using apps like Spotify or Apple Music. In the event that Apple actually wants Apple Headphones to be taken as seriously as Bose or Sony, they need to provide dedicated equalizers that will help their user change the sound settings. 

If you are wondering about the battery life of the Apple Headphones, there isn’t much information on how long they might last. But if comparisons were to be drawn, the Beats Solo Pro offers 22 hours at $300, so this might provide something even better. 

It could also be pretty smart to assume that the AirPods Studio will actually have something of a touch panel- where you would be able to control the sound settings without having to reach towards your phone or use a voice assistant. 

AirPods Studio could use Apple’s U1 chip

The U1 chip introduced by Apple did bring with itself a long list of expectations, but it went under the radar after iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro was launched. Currently, the U1 is mostly used for AirDrop transfers- although it does go a long way beyond simple file sharing. Since one of its main features is location tracking, it would actually be a good fit for the new Apple Headphones. The Headphones could use the chip for a proper route when searching through Find My App. 

The Apple Headphones might just be the latest device that will help Apple cement its place as one of the technological giants when it comes to introducing newer, and better upgrades to facilitate usage. Also, with the Apple Headphones coming out along with the iPhone 12, Apple can expect a massive surge in its clientele- vying for these devices.