iPhone 12 Mini Images Leaked: Here’s What We Know So Far

iPhone 12 Mini

Expectations are high for Apple’s October reveal. Sources confirm that Apple will be releasing its most anticipated iPhone 12. However, the latest leaks suggest that Apple fans will receive more than just iPhone 12. It looks like the iPhone 12 Mini is in the works too. 

Twitter users went gaga after pictures of a possible iPhone 12 Mini went viral. A twitter user With The HANDLE, DuanRui, posted a picture of a case sticker. The iPhone case model is 5.4 inches small, and it has the name Mini mentioned in the case. Rumors indicate that an iPhone 12 Mini will be introduced with Apple’s latest model in October. 

While none of these rumors and leaks come from known or credible sources, the rumors are surely taking the internet by storm. However, we should be careful before believing the same. As the official Apple launch event gets closer, people are hoping that the tech giant might give out some hints. 

iPhone 12 Mini After iPad Mini?

The main reason why people have believed these rumors without much thought is that Apple already has previous cases of releasing mini models. Let’s just take the iPad Mini or the Mac Mini as an example. 

So, the thought of an iPhone 12 Mini is not too far to comprehend. Besides, sources indicate that there will be four different models of the iPhone 12, which will be revealed in the coming month. Maybe the iPhone Mini is just one of the four models. 

If you look at the embedded tweet here, you can see that the twitter user mentions Silicone phone case stickers for iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max. 

Sources Suggest A 6.1 Inch iPhone Model

Besides the iPhone Mini, that’s 5.4 inches long, we are all anticipating two Apple iPhone models which are 6.1 inches long. These will be the iPhone 12 Pro and Apple’s iPhone 12 Max. 

The major difference between Apple’s 6.1 inches iPhone models will be its camera system. As we reported earlier on leaked rumors, the Apple iPhone 12 Pro will pack a LiDAR sensor and a much better optic setup that will give users improved reality applications and enhanced depth sensors. Reports also suggest that Apple iPhone 12 Pro will have a much superior quality screen than the other models. 

The best out of the four models will be Apple iPhone Pro Max. It’s reported to be 6.7 inches long. Even so, all the models, including the Apple iPhone 12 Mini, will be powered by A14 Bionic chip. The company has also used this chipset in its latest iPad Air. 

Although the tech giant has not confirmed on any official launching date yet, sources from the industry say that it could be on the 13th of October.