What To Expect In Apple’s iPhone 12? Wall Street Analysts State Their Predictions

iPhone 12

Apple users are still awaiting the launch of the new iPhone 12. Apple introduced its redesigned iPads and the new Apple Watch Series 6 last week in a virtual unveiling event organized by Apple. But the much-awaited iPhone 12 is still to be made public by the tech-giant.

Wall Street analysts are of the opinion that Apple will hold another launch event somewhere around mid-October to uncover its latest iPhone 12 models. This is in line with Apple executives who had earlier announced that the new iPhone sale for 2020 will happen several weeks later than 2019’s sale date which was scheduled during September. Naturally, the coronavirus pandemic has left an impact on the production delaying the sales date by several weeks.

This, however, has left more time for fans and techies to obsess over the new iPhone 12. The extensive iPhone leaks have made people clamor over the first 5G iPhone.

What’s In The New iPhone 12?

iPhone 12

Wall Street analysts and a pool of information from unofficial sources resoundingly suggest that the new iPhone 12 is going to be a 5G iPhone. Apple is already late to the 5G connectivity game. Now, it’s time to check how it battles with other smartphone companies out there like Samsung and Motorola which have released their 5G devices way back.

Analysts state that the “superfast” speed of 5G might not be available for all the to-be-released iPhone 12 models. While the higher-end models will have the fastest networks, the lower-end models might be working with the lower band 5G networks.

Tom Forte, DA Davidson analyst further reports that the base-level iPhone 12, reportedly named iPhone 12 mini, could be a 4G model.

iPhone 12 Not Likely To Be A Budget Phone

Reports leaked earlier this year suggested that the new iPhone 12 cost would be much lower than the base price of 2019’s iPhone 11. However, the rumored $649 cost of the iPhone 12 is nothing but a pipedream. Although, the base price is not to be increased by Apple, according to latest reports.

But if Apple brings out the rumored 4G model of the iPhone 12, then it’s only logical to assume that the cost will be less than iPhone 11’s $699 model. This also takes us back to the Rosenblatt analyst who predicted that Apple will launch six iPhone models in fall which will include two 4G iPhones.

iPhone 12

Wamsi Mohan, a Bank of America analyst claims that highest-end iPhone 12 model, presumably named the iPhone 12 Pro Max, could be $100 more than other Apple’s high-end models. Additionally, this model is supposed to have the fastest 5G network.

Other sources suggest that iPhone prices will increase considerably due to the 5G components and OLED display which will also feature in the new iPhone 12.

With better battery backup, OLED display and 5G connectivity, the new iPhone 12 models will increase competition among other high-end smartphones in the market.