Stock Markets Soar On Friday; Stay-At-Home Stocks Help Recover From Pandemic Impact

stay-at-home stocks

Investors are going through the worst of times as the coronavirus pandemic brings the economy to a halt. The world economy suffered a heavy blow as did the stock markets. Earlier in 2020, investors were of the opinion that the permanent solution to this disadvantageous situation is to wait for matters to go back to normal.

But with the progress of 2020, many investors have started using the pandemic impact to their benefit. The stock market boom that happened on Friday shows how stay-at-home stocks are learning to use the pandemic advantageously.

More and more investors are investing in markets that have gained during the pandemic. Market study shows that investors are relying on the idea that the global pandemic will create lasting or permanent changes.

Increasingly, shareholders are trying to perceive which companies will remain beneficial even after the global pandemic is over. If investors realize that they can hold on to their gains after the Covid-19 pandemic, that will lead to further profit streaming.

Stay-At-Home Stocks Brings An Upsurge In The Stock Market

The surprising boom in the Wall Street stock markets made this Friday makes it clear that investors are confident that the big companies who have proven to be useful during the pandemic will continue to thrive in the future as well.

Some of these companies are:

Zoom Video Communications

This has been a crucial element in our pandemic lives. Zoom has become an integral part of the educational sector. With webinars and classes happening across the globe using Zoom, this company has seen a 7% rise in shares amidst the pandemic. It is also assumed that even after the pandemic ends, Zoom will continue to be a backup plan for a long time.


Shopify has helped in creating an online presence for businesses of all sizes. This was a lifesaver during the pandemic when small businesses had to shut down, leaving them destitute. Shopify’s stocks have increased 6% to make matters easier for struggling businesses.

Peloton Interactive

The stay-at-home stocks for this company increased over 10% on Friday. Peloton has been an active fitness guide to people during the pandemic. The company has been profitable even though fitness centers and gyms were the last ones to be reopened amidst the pandemic.

Livongo Health And Teladoc Health

On Friday, they added 75% to their stay-at-home stocks. Both these companies are expected to merge very soon. During a global pandemic, this virtual healthcare facilitator has been a helpful alternative to reduce the burden on hospitals.

Investors are increasingly getting hold of the key trend of the pandemic. If this continues, the stock market will continue to boom with increasing stay-at-home stocks.