Facebook Reveals It Wants For Be iPhone’s Default Messaging Service


Did you ever think of mixing Facebook and Apple? Well, it’s happening. Whether or not the companies decide to make a deal, Facebook representatives have revealed that the social media app wants to replace iMessage across all Apple iPhone models. 

Back in 2018, Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO, revealed that one of the company’s major competitors for messaging service is Apple’s iMessage. 

Facebook revealed that it has asked Apple to let the company be its default messaging service across iPhone models. iMessage is a strong social network with its attractive emojis. Since it’s the default messaging service for iPhone users, Facebook is losing a substantial number of users. 

Recently, Apple iOS 14 software update allowed users to modify their default apps for browser and email. Now, Facebook is trying to convince Apple to let Messenger replace iMessage. 

Facebook Argues For More Choices For Users

As per reports, Facebook is heading this conversation by sailing that the users should be provided with a wider range of choices. 

Stan Chudnovsky, the head of Messenger, states that users should not be limited to a default app. He also mentioned that, currently, every other app is moving towards this direction. 

Meanwhile, Whatsapp has grown increasingly popular in new markets. It has a total of 2 billion active monthly users, as per reports from early 2020. Messenger, on the other hand, has 1.3 billion monthly active users. However, this number has not seen much increase in recent times. Instagram’s numbers are not clear since it is much more than just a messaging service. 

Both Facebook and Apple are undergoing antitrust investigations. It’s inconceivable that Apple will allow Messenger to replace iMessage on Apple’s iPhone models. 

Over the years, Apple has expanded iMessage from a simple messaging service to an ecosystem with games, payment apps, and other mini apps. Furthermore, Apple is also mimicking Tencent’s WeChat model. iPhone iMessage, currently, stands on its own and even boosts iPhone sales. 

Will Messenger Replace iPhone iMessage? 

It’s very unlikely that Apple will allow Facebook to access its users for messaging service, at least not consentingly. 

Many rival companies of Apple have said that creating default apps kills competition. The antitrust investigation Apple is under is related to its AppStore. Facebook, on the other hand, is being investigated for buying emerging start-ups so that they don’t grow into competition later on. Explicitly deducting potential competition, with or without clear intent, is considered illegal. 

Considering Facebook’s wish to acquire iPhone messaging service, many critics have argued that Facebook holds more market power than any company needs to have. 

Given that Facebook is already under an antitrust investigation, arguing to replace Apple iPhone iMessage seems like a power move that will harm the company’s stand in the antitrust investigation.