Apple TV Has Started Playing Really Nice

Apple TV and Sony
Apple TV

Accessibility has always been the key when you think about the range of services that keep offering high-caliber originals at competitive pricing. And it is true that if viewers don’t get the support from such services whilst they are viewing any form of content, that service might not function to the extent everyone would think. And this is where Apple TV comes into play- the parent company has finally started repairing and upgrading its services to better meet the demands of their audience. Now, if you are a company that needs its streaming service to be the de facto streaming service- changes have to be made. 

Sony has Started Implementing Apple TV in its Smart TVs.

Sony brought out an announcement today that the Smart TVs released by this company would definitely have the Apple TV app which will contain the streaming service Apple TV+. On the other hand, the app for Apple TV will initiate a roll out of X900H TV series which would come with a software update. Support will soon be initiated on the previous models- which means that most users of Sony TVs would be able to access the Apple TV streaming service directly without having to bring in another device into the equation. And this is actually quite an important dilemma that Apple needs to solve if it wants its streaming service to get accessible on a wider scale. 

Apple TV
Apple TV now on Sony Smart TVs

This does make Sony enter the list of those Smart TVs that have decided to support the Apple TV application at the launch of Apple TV+. Previously, the support for Apple TV was simply limited to its devices along with Amazon, and Roku devices- and smart TVs from Samsung. But the parent company had proclaimed that there would be support arriving in the form of Sony, LG, and VIZIO in the future. And looks like the future is now. 

Owning a Sony X900H is quite a fantastic proposition even if you own an Apple TV box and a multitude of other streaming devices. For, so many different streaming services bring with them a lot of remotes which can get quite annoying after a while. Although the annoyance is not enough to create havoc, it is quite irritating- in the least. Owning a Sony X900H will see you have the Android TV that Sony uses to inform viewers of the latest content. 

Why is Apple TV playing nice?

There is a reason why Apple hasn’t started adding its support for other TVs- simply because it needs to play nice in order to be in competition against the big industry streaming services that have been in place for years and years. It will take Apple some time to reach the level of Netflix, Amazon, and Disney Plus- which it can do through its originals and premium subscriptions. 

But currently, Apple TV is going to support Sony TVs in order to maximize the popularity of its streaming service. It is expected that a few models would see its release soon- and then it will see the upgrade of the newer models.